EDITION: October - December 2010


Text & photos: Nano Calvo
Considered by many an essential point of reference for the rest of the world due to the influences generated by its cultural, economic and social movements, New York City also offers its visitors a wealth of races, styles and places to enjoy and take pleasure in.

Thousands of tourists chose New York as their destination – whether to spend a year’s wages on a shopping spree, to see its impressive skyscrapers up close, or simply to return to this source of continuous inspiration. The City is full of buildings and sites of great historical relevance, spread around the five boroughs it is officially divided into: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

Mentioning some important places entails leaving out many other key spots, but in any case one cannot talk about New York without citing the Statue of Liberty and the ferry that carries visitors to it, or the very tall Empire State Building which offers from its heights the view of a wonderful skyline, or the expansive and relaxing lawns of Central Park, or the bright and lively Times Square, where digital publicity and crowds of people merge together to offer an almost symbolic location that is a must-see. One cannot forget either that the city is home to some of the best museums in the world, such as the MOMA with its valuable collection of contemporary art, or the variety offered by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Many of us, even from afar, are already familiar with its streets thanks to cinema and  the production of hundreds of movies that recreate stories about the lives that develop over its smoking tarmac. Some examples of these are “Manhanttan” by Woody Allen, “Breakfast with Diamonds” by Blake Edwards, the infamous musical “West Side Story” or “Taxi Driver”, in which Robert de Niro exposed the darker side of town.

Others only know New York through the stories and comments of those who have seen and lived it, meaning their opinions are defined by the subjective judgements of others. For the rest, especially for those of us who have frequented and understood the City, it is a special spot in which an enriching combination of human beings mix with and respect each other, following some strange pre-established order. Although Manhattan gathers much of the essential, visitors must not forget that the City is made up also of the other four boroughs which host people and cultures from whom we can, and should, try to learn.

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