EDITION: October - December '09


Ruth Osborn
The impact of the current economic downturn is being felt across the Western world. Yet as we know when one door closes, another opens and that every cloud has a silver lining. Conventional wisdom holds that during times of recession creativity blossoms, borne out of necessity, of a need to do things differently. As many are losing jobs or sources of income as a result of the economic downturn, new ways of making a living are being sought. New paths are being followed as new doors open and indeed silver linings are found.

One person who has rethought their business, partly in response to the downturn, is Moshe. Moshe has lived in Ibiza for the last 20 years. Captivated by the nature and the beauty of the island, he decided to move here. Putting his industrial design skills to use, he established a successful construction company, Casaforma Dinamica. The company is still in operation while circumstance, desire and one may also say fate, have led Moshe onto a different path.

Moshe explains that along with the current economic downturn there are further problems with construction in Ibiza, not in the least exacerbated by bureaucracy. He is critical of the lack of planning and organisation of development on the island. He mentions that last year new construction projects on the island were signifi-cantly down. In addition to this space on the island is naturally limited and any construction needs to be balanced with the need to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the Island. Moshe is aware of the contradiction between his desire to live in Ibiza, for natural beauty and the work he has created for himself in construction, which can work against that. The key, of course, is sustainable construction that supports rather than costs the environment. However Moshe has moved onto new pastures. The door he has opened has been that of his new eatery in Santa Gertrudis called Safrà Ibiza Restaurant.

Food has always featured fondly in Moshe’s life. Moshe remembers with delight the Middle Eastern delicacies from his mother’s kitchen. While his restaurant is new (it opened in February of this year), the idea of bringing Middle Eastern food to Ibiza is not a new one for Moshe. Ever the entrepreneur since moving here he and his friend, Yaron, have had various falafel making sales ventures, from introducing them to Las Dalias to a restaurant on the San Antonio carreterra. While none have come to lasting fruition, now he believes the time is right.

“Everyone needs food. It’s something that makes people happy on a small scale.”
When asked about the name of the restaurant, Moshe explains that Safrà is Ibicenco for Safron, a spice used in abundance in Middle Eastern cooking. Quite simply he took the name in Ibicenco as a reflection of location. Safrà adds to the cosmopolitan restaurants in Santa Gertrudis; traditional Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese and even raw-food fetishes can be satiated. In Ibiza there are not many places that serve food of Middle Eastern origin, kebab, shawarma, falafel, humus, tahini, fresh salads and more. Moshe’s concept caters to both vegetarians and meat eaters alike. For people who like trying many different tastes “tapas” are available.

Safrà has created a new understanding in Middle Eastern food and service. The surrounds are pleasant, modern and clean. The prices are reasonable, the food is delicious and Moshe is happy that the plates are clear when they return to the kitchen. He is contend in his new venture and as he says ‘at least when I’m in my old age I can come and eat in my own restaurant and eat the food I like.’

Situated opposite La Caixa in Santa Gertrudis, the restaurant is open every day from late morning till late night all year round. It’s possible to dine in or take away and they will also cater for private events.

Text: Ruth Osborn