EDITION: October - December '09


Jordi Canut Martin

Sébastien Carincotte, born in Paris although with a remarkable Uruguayan accent, always wanted to live in Ibiza. He spent a few childhood summers on the island, and in 2004 he decided to give it a go. He worked during the summer season and then, encouraged by friends, decided to stay on indefinitely. His interest in yoga comes from way back, since during his student years he started to become familiar with its practice as part of his love of theatre. His new life in Ibiza made him think of going to yoga classes regularly, and he started to take it very seriously. Discovering ‘hot’ or Bikram yoga was a trigger for him, and he felt he should follow that direction. And so he did. Thanks to the constant practice of yoga, he felt a general wellbeing that was new to him. He felt “relaxed, happy”, and learnt to live the present, to “enjoy what you have and not what you want to have”.

There was no going back, and in September 2006 he went to the United States to deepen his knowledge of ‘hot yoga’. During nine intense and exhausting weeks he studies with Bikram Choudhury, a leading figure in the subject. Programmed activities took up most of the day: participantes were up at 6am and never went to bed before 2 or 3am. But the effort was worth it, because obtaining an official instructor title that qualifies him to teach others changed his life completely. His selfesteem improved and he developed his more social side. Back in Ibiza, he was offered to replace a teacher in a yoga centre and he accepted, “more than anything else to discover whether I liked teaching, passing on what I have learnt”. In fact, he liked it so much that he decided to dedicate himself completely to it. For this he travelled also to Costa Rica to continue expanding his knowledge, although this time he went for ‘Ashtanga yoga’, “more dynamic, less static”. For him, Bikram and Ashtanga are two sides of the same coin, “both lead to the same end: knowing oneself”.

Ibiza, perhaps his place in the world, seemed ideal for him to create a new ‘hot yoga’ centre. Here he has met many people from different cultures who, like him, have come to live on the island looking to reconnect with nature, tranquility, light and the therapeutic effect of the sea, basically to improve their quality of life and find themselves. With the experience he has gained, Sébastien feels ready to contribute in that sense. “Yoga is a very comprehensive discipline because you are working on the body and the mind. Learning to move, to activate the body, is essential for a healthy life, especially for people whose work is sedentary. Practicing yoga is cleansing the body.”

In his new centre, ‘Hot Yoga Ibiza’ (centre for yoga and massage), Sébastien offers classes at affordable prices, with a prior consultancy for all those who are interested in starting up with yoga. With the Bikram discipline, work is carried out at 40ºC, with 40-60% humidity. In each class, participants practice a total of 26 positions or asanas (always following the same order) and two breathing exercises, one at the beginning and another at the end. “It is essential to listen to your body and concentrate on the breathing”. A session lasting 1h30 has two phases: the first is carried out standing and is like a warmup. The second is carried out on the floor and is the most important because the spinal column is exercised. By working in damp heat, the results are more immediately perceived and are perhaps better adapted to the mentality and rhythm of European lifestyles, although the centre also offers Ashtanga yoga classes. It is advisable to assist at least twice a week in order to really feel the benefits. At his well-located centre, in Calle de Corona (with free parking by the Multicines), some students give each other a friendly goodbye after an intense session. Seeing people share their emotions, hug and leave with a smile is his best reward.
Text: Jordi Canut Martin