EDITION: August - October '09


Jordi Canut Martin

Ibiza’s newest nightlife extravegance is called “Bazaar”. It is exotic, suggestive and dedicated to food, quality shopping, creative entertainment, arts and culture in general. Located in the finca Can Malacosta, on kilometre 4,5 of the Ibiza-San Miguel road, very close to Santa Gertrudis, “Bazaar” offers a fresh and innovative alternative to residents and tourists alike who, after an intense day of sun and sand, are looking to spend a different kind of evening..

Upon entering the premises, and below the immaculate awnings of a pergola covered with natural ivy, we will find an open-air restaurant. The chef, Thierry Petit, offers a diverse cuisine “Without Boarders”, for a complete culinary journey. During the meal, and according to the programme, visitors can enjoy live music or dream away to images projected on a screen, with special evenings presenting cinema and documentaries. While parents chat after their meal, the kids can have fun in a play area with access to a fenced-in forest. There is also a space for the younger ones where trained childcare attendants will stimulate their in-nate creativity.

Frederick and Marussia Lagache, who developed this project, explain that aside from its commercial aim, “Bazaar” wants to make the most of Ibiza´s cosmopolitan character to become a cultural platform that can help promote the creativity of artists. Among them, music plays an essential role. Frederick has always been closely connected with classical music, while jazz and blues also play an important role in his life. “Bazaar” will offer “many musical surprises, but above all quality ones”. Bazaars Club is exclusive and intimate. Equipped with incredible lighting and a “Nexo Sound System”, the pulsating lights and sound are un-matchable. From the DJ booth to the dance floor it is a night to remember.

The large Mongolian yurt near the restaurant also holds such promises within its chill-out space with low tables and cushions, boasting bar service and a stage with a varied programme of concerts and performances.

“Bazaar” will also feature a large covered market which holds various stands dedicated to artisans and designers who exhibit and sell quality products: fashion, accessories, books, CDs, decorative items and even flowers. Tourist and cultural information, as well as some of the island’s NGOs, also find their space here. For those who do not need a formal dinner, the central inner patio serves fresh fruit juices, French and American pastries while feeling all the comfort of a news café.

“Bazaar” has been designed so that its infrastructure is versa-tile, to allow it to continuously reinvent itself. It is a new and daring concept, according to its creators born from the demands of Ibiza locals and visitors who search for an inviting yet bustling atmosphere which will entice all five senses.

Texto: Jordi Canut Martin