EDITION: June - August '09


Milan Hollister

Symbolic of the world’s race to save the planet, Greenheart Ibiza held its first annual “Earth run” event on April 26th in Sant Antoni. Local government officials worked closely together with the “Follow your heart productions” and the “Casita Verde” ecology centre, in efforts to make the Earth run a wonderful and entertaining day for all. However, the real message behind the event was to stimulate conscious awareness for the plight of our planet, targeting the local ecological issues here in Ibiza.

With everyone in cooperation (including the weather), the event turned out to be an outstanding success, as hundreds of people came to Sant Antoni throughout the day to enjoy the group’s efforts and join in the serious fun. Everywhere you looked, there were “Green hearts” as visual reminders of the importance of our relation to the planet Earth, as well as to our little piece of the world right here in Ibiza. There was a whole program of great musical and dancing performances, local organic food, massage services and children’s activities, and it was all united by one “green” vision.

The entire days efforts not only raised awareness amongst the local population, it also raised some very welcome funding to help Ibiza Ecologic move forward on their Children’s environmental education project – Greenheart Resonancia, so far supported by the Madrid based “Foundation for the future”, together with the island council. Although this project has been running for several years already and has many facets, one of Greenheart Ibiza's main objectives is to create all year round children's education opportun-ities through summer camps and local school programs.
Jonny Lee, who introduced the idea of Earthrun Ibiza to the island, together with Chris Dews, the Director of Casita Verde, are in the process of creating a special fund to support a variety of future environmental projects through fundraising efforts like the recent Earth Run event, the “Casita Verde Sunday family open day” and such programs as “Meg’s Friends” Summer Days and Weekend Camps.

Using money raised from the first Earth Run and the expanding educational program, the first big goal of the fund, is to buy a “Greenheart mini-bus” which can be modified to run on an environmentally friendly fuel sources. Its primary function will be to help transport children to such events as beach cleanups, educational nature hikes and visits to the ecological centre at Casita Verde, etc., with the idea to teach children core ecological values through interactive educational games, and to raise conscious awareness for both planetary and humanitarian conditions.

“ We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” (Native American Proverb)

For more information about Greenheart and children's educational projects please come and see some ecology in action each Sunday at Casita Verde or contact us.

Texto: Milan Hollister
Fotos: Phrank.net / Gypsy Westwood / Chris Dews