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Jesús Sainz Hernández

Pool Repairs

Jesús Sainz Hernández

Over the years pools deteriorate considerably, due to weather factors, ultraviolet rays or inappropriate water treatment. Often this means a great effort, both in time and maintenance work, as well as money.

There are different ways to renovate pools that are in a bad state, with varying costs and complications. A waterproofing armed liner is the best solution to recover your pool, because it is quickly and easily installed over any surface and adapts to any shape.

The unique properties of a waterproofing armed liner provide safety and protection to look after your pool, as if it were its own skin. It is an armed calendered membrane of plastified PVC, made up of two flexible layers, with a polyester mesh between them.

This type of coating is the most durable solution to problems due to loss of watertightness of your pool, since it offers re-sistance, flexibility, strength and durability.

With it, problems common to other methods are avoided, such as joint sealing, painting and expensive maintenance. With the armed waterproofing liner the only maintenance of your pool will be simply cleaning it.

Its use guarantees the watertightness of your pool, no matter its shape, size nor structure. It can be used over any type of concrete support, steel panels, form panels, wood, ceramics, polythene, etc. It is recommended in building and renovating all types of pools, both for public or private use.

These are the technical specifications of the product:
• High resistance to ageing
• High resistance to weathering
• Excellent stability against ultraviolet rays
• High resistance to water treatment products
• Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment
• Anti-stick microorganism coating
• Welded by thermofusion
• Cannot rot

With this type of inside coating you will obtain a completely watertight basin, with a high quality, decorative finish, since its wide range of colours and prints allow us to choose the preferred colour of the pool.

Choose the best technical and decorative solution for the renovation or construction of your pool, and enjoy a pool to relax in, to have fun in, to live around... A comfortable, stable and tailored pool... A pool that will be simple to maintain, easy to install and that will adapt to your ideas, with complete freedom of shape and design, but always with the guarantee of watertightness for years.

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