EDITION: April - June '09


Helen Howard

When I first came to Ibiza 5 years ago it seemed I had to travel half way across the island to find a good range of produce that was ecological – and those shops that did exist often struggled to find enough customers who understood what they were trying to do. But with awareness growing and more and more people choosing to eat this way, new shops are starting to spring up in local communities, making it much easier for people who want to integrate healthy eating into their lifestyles.

Ecological or ‘organic’ is not some mysterious new fangled concept, but simply a return to what the human race has been doing for thousands of years: eating food that has not been covered in artificial fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic additives. The concept of ‘whole food’ is beginning to change as people realise that it doesn’t have to mean an endless mountain of brown rice and lentils – it can in fact mean delicious chocolate bars, fine vermicelli noodles and delicious natural yoghurts. These are amongst the delights I found, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables coming from the ecological finca "Can Parades" in San Miguel.

The shop is run by Dwain and Julia who both felt they wanted to bring something positive to the island. Not only do they sell food and nutritional supplements, they are qualified to help people who need advice to make the choices that are right for them. Dwain is trained in Traditional Chinese medicine and Julia is a qualified Naturopath – both of these disciplines include inten-sive training in diet and how it relates to many of the health problems we encounter in ‘civilised’ societies. At the back of the shop is a treatment room and between them they are able to offer dietary therapy and advice, acupuncture, reflexology, massage and natural facial treatments. They can also design programmes according to individual requirements such as for weight loss or quitting smoking.

Although they only recently moved to Ibiza together, Julia is half Ibicencan and spent her childhood here – but after 15 years away, training and working she longed to return: ‘Ibiza is in my heart… This is my home’. They fell in love when they worked together in Italy. For a long time they were just friends and work mates, but it became more and more apparent that they shared the same values in life. At last the romance began… they got engaged in front of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and got married in Ibiza in 2007.

In the course of their work and interest in medicine from differ-ent cultural perspectives they have both lived, worked and travel-led in many countries. Dwain is originally from Vancouver, but until he made a connection with Ibiza had not really found a place that called him to put down roots. It seemed the time was right for both of them to begin a new venture and soon after the wedding they went back to Tuscany to pack all they could into a Renault Clio, strapped the massage tables on top and drove across Europe to embrace their new life.

They had both dreamt of creating their own space to work in and to be free to bring together all of their skills and experience, particularly to create their own wellness programmes and to have the space and time to do things like making their own oils for massage and beauty treatments.

They want to be accessible not just to those who have already tried healthy eating or alternative therapies but for those who would like to explore these things for the first time. Above all they want to help as many people as possible to discover the vibrancy and well being that can come from a multi-dimensional therapeutic approach carefully tailored to individual needs.

Texto: Helen Howard