EDITION: December '08 - February '09


Jordi Canut Martin
“Z”as in IbiZa,

as in SledZinski... 

Quite a bit of creative work, redesigning and construction planning takes place in this reserved-looking office on San Jose’s main street. Aesthetics and luxury fuse into one. But who is ‘Z Private Office’? Xavier Sledzinski Lahore, is a new high standing promoter on the island. Of Polish blood, his paternal grand-parents’ landed in France after the Second World War. His maternal grandparents, of Navarrian-Andalusian ancestry, came from a long line of merchants based since the end of the XIX century in the centre of Sevilla. Xavier is the son of professors from the north of France where

he was raised in a culturally diverse and cosmopolitan tradition. At the end of the 80’s, his family decided to settle in Ibiza. Xavier clearly remembers when he first came to Ibiza; it was love at first sight. The light, the fertile fields, the warmth of the people, the traditions, but above all it was the tranquillity and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea that captured the hearts of the Sledzinski family. Years later Xavier carried on his studies, first in Sevilla and then Barcelona. With his culturally rich and polyglot background, he soon found himself working in a variety of sectors, mainly those related to good taste, art, fashion and human relations. He became involved in various real estate reform and makeover projects, activity that nowadays has become one of his specialities. 

In 2005 he received a proposal from the luxury villa promoter ‘KISANA REALTY’, which allowed him to return to the island. This new work experience helped him to understand everything Ibiza still has to offer, especially regarding the exclusive clientele from all over the world that have made Ibiza their refuge. “After a long winter of hard work they come here to give themselves a break in the sunshine and meet up with those friends they also see in London, Paris or New York. These are the people whose mere presence on the island generate more needs and therefore more services.” Xavier has always had a good nose for business, as well as a great sense of aesthetics and design. He obtained the title of Real Estate Consultant and, little by little, his list of contacts and collaborators grows. In 2007, in association with KISANA and in collaboration with Julienne Glorieux (architect and graduate from McGill University, Montréal, Canada, amongst the ten best universities in the world), he created ‘Z Private Office’: a luxury real estate services business, with which he likes to let his imagination fly while redesigning houses. He conceives the houses in an ecological and autonomous way, including large green spaces directly in their design, making the best possible use of the sunlight so the environmental impact is reduced to a minimum. His priorities are always good taste, aesthetics, modernism and the newest and best quality materials. ‘Z Private Office’ also offers a broad spectrum of premium renovated properties, or those about to be renovated. With such a wide selection, it would be hard not to satisfy a demanding clientele.

However, what about the often mentioned current crisis? He recognizes that without a doubt it can be noticed in the sector, though he points out a fact that speaks for itself: “if the prices of property in general has dropped 12%, the sales of luxury houses costing over 1 million euros has gone up 6%. From this we can easily deduce that it is the interest in the type of investment that has changed.” Xavier is not alarmist about the crisis, not only because his work has not been affected much, but because he thinks that the current situation is more of a “necessary economic readjustment” than a dead-end tunnel. In this last decade of mortgage fever, the banks have made many clients believe that they could get into debt without risk, but what we are living through shows clearly that the reality is quite different. “The only option for people with low saving capacity right now is to hold on however they can, pay their mortgage so as to not lose their property, and not get deeper into debt. For those with options or good savings, this financial crisis is, for better or for worse (depending on the point of view) adjusting real estate values to bargin levels allowing you to buy the same real estate today for less money than a year ago. Ibiza is fashionable and will continue to be in the years to come”, Xavier states emphatically. “Though if we want to stimulate Ibiza’s economy, we should

give a greater priority to a measured luxury tourism that is respectful of the environment.” In his opinion Ibiza should carry on being “a cosmopolitan place, where the exclusive clientele comes to relax and have fun, where people come to meet up and be seen.” And we have no doubts that ‘Z Private Office’ proposes just the solutions to achieve this excellent undertaking.

“We should give a greater priority to a measured luxury tourism that is respectful of the environment.”

Text: Jordi Canut Martin