EDITION: October - December '08


Helen Howard
Yoga on the Beach

A gentle breeze danced on my skin and soft sunlight sparkled as it caught the waves and trickled through the canopy… I was happy to be a bit early for my meeting with Gaby and Raymond and delighted that they had suggested meeting in this wonderful spot at Niu Blau.

My spirit felt soothed as I languished on the sofa enjoying the fusion of natural luxury and natural seascape – not a plastic umbrella in sight! So it was no surprise when I learnt that Gaby and Raymond had chosen this as the location for their winter project: On Thursday and Saturday mornings they will offer a 1 hour Shivananda yoga class, followed by an optional organic breakfast.

This will all take place at the restaurant ‘Pura Vida’ on a covered wooden terrace, gazing out to sea… and it is hard to imagine a more perfect setting.

Since moving permanently to Ibiza a year ago the couple have focused their energies on creating ‘wellness’ experiences. As well as the winter yoga sessions, they run the ‘D-Lite Yoga Retreat’ the whole year through. Here people can take part in residential and non-residential yoga courses and a whole plethora of pleasurable activities: One can re-balance, detox and de-stress with acupuncture, mud clay wraps and various massage and hot stone therapies. In between sessions one can lounge by the pool or take revitalising citrus or herb baths. But surprisingly perhaps, amongst all this indulgence, the D-Lite centre is very family focused.

Gaby and Raymond have two young children and another arriving soon. This got them thinking of ways they could offer experiences for the whole family. Alongside the adult yoga classes, they now run a programme called ‘Relaxed Kids’ involving yoga and meditation, which their own kids, aged 2 and 4 are only too happy to do – often they are to be found dragging out the yoga mats all by themselves whether there is a class on or not!

There are plenty of other activities on offer as well, such as horse riding for the whole family. And to make sure the parents get a proper break and a little time to themselves there are nannies and babysitters… Having children has lead Gaby and Raymond to really focus their energies in this direction, because they feel that they have an insiders understanding of what families need. Nevertheless, they also attract many couples and single people who just want to revitalise.

As a couple, Gaby and Raymond have always generated a few creative sparks. When they first met in 2003 she was a clothes designer and he worked in interior design – but Gaby soon persuaded Raymond to try his hand at fashion, and this was a great success. Amongst other things, they co-created a collection of jackets which they sold in Portobello Road. They also designed clothes for Gaby’s shop in Bambuddha Grove which she opened in 2001.

They are aware that there are many different projects they could have done together, but having moved to Ibiza for a better quality of life, they both felt that they wanted to contribute to something meaningful on the island and that they could do this most effectively by promoting opportunities for well being and relaxation.

Something seems to be working because despite having young children of their own, these guys seem so vibrant and full of energy – one cannot help but wonder if this is perhaps helped by all that yoga and organic food!

“Yoga on the Beach”: every Thursday and Saturday at 9.30 am at ‘Pura Vida’ Restaurant, Playa Niu Blau (Ctra. Sta. Eulalia – Es Canar)

Text: Helen Howard

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