EDITION: October - December '08


“The opportunities are universal”


The identity and mission statement of Cáritas follows what we are, what we will be, and what we would like to be. Therefore, one of its main aims is to help the overall and dignified development of people who find themselves in a precariuos situation, informing public opinion and bringing awareness about poverty and vulnerability, about their causes, their consequences, and the possibility of taking part in a change. In the case of Ibiza, particularly, we pay special attention to the community of inmigrants and the homeless.

The social task of Cáritas is very broad and diverse. Not only does it carry out activities aimed at assistance, rehabilitation or social integration, it also emphasizes the importance of denouncing injustice. Therefore there are up to five different work areas, like the Betania Centre, which is dedicated to childhood and youth and educating adults; the Day Centre, where the social canteen and primary care service are located; the Social and Labour Integration Workshop, in which people who are socially excluded or who have big difficulties in the labour market are assisted in finding work; the Foreign Services area, which deals with the steps and procedures required to favour the legal integration of inmigrants; and Social and Labour Guidance service, which supports people looking for employment and training.

The Betania Centre tries to cover the social and educational needs of the most needy. Lessons are given in Spanish for foreigners, Catalán, English, computing... The youngest can assist classes to re-inforce their school work during the school term, and also summer school in July and August... or have fun in the games room, the workshop for crafts, theatre...! There are also very interesting leisure and intercultural activities, such as Capeira or the Communication Workshop.

The Day Centre aims to offer shelter to the homeless and the rootless, who decide to initiate a process of personal recovery but who, due to certain circumstances (their age, health problems, lack of social skills...) cannot access standard programmes. This centre offers literacy teaching, socialization, learning about health and hygiene, labour guidance...

The Social Canteen, located in the Centre, is maintained through an agreement with the Ibiza Town Council. Here a meal served every day of the year, for up to a maximum of 22 people per day, and food packages are given out. Only those people who are unfortunate enough not to have sufficient financial means to even prepare their own food can get these. Their petition is dealt with only through referral from the various Social Services departments around the island.

The Social and Labour Integration Workshop facilitates and supports the access into the work market and into society of disadvantaged sectors who risk being excluded or with great difficulties in accessing employment, as well as carrying out constant work to dignify and improve their working conditions, salaries, social insurance...

Cáritas also has three shops open to the general public (in Ibiza, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio) whose benefits are devoted to the social activity of the entity, through the sale – at modest prices – of products made in the Reintegration Workshops as well as clothes donations... unleash you consumer instintcs without remorse!

Text: Cristina Rodrigo Marí


Oficinas centrales y ProGrama de empleo e inmigraciÓn:
C/ Felipe II nº16 bajos - Ibiza
Tel.: 971 192 393 Fax: 971 316 973

Tienda en Ibiza y Programa de atención a las personas sin hogar:
C/ Carlos III nº27
Tel.: 971 192 393 Fax: 971 316 973

Centro socioeducativo Betania, Formación de adultos:
C/ Josep Tur i Llaneras nº16 - Barrio Can Serres
Tel./ Fax: 971 392 212

Taller de InserciÓn socio laboral:
C/ Des Mayans nº30. Nave nº5 - Pol. Montecristo
Tel./ Fax: 971 313 803

Oficinas y tienda en Sta. Eulalia:
C/ Historiador José Clapes nº19
Tel.: 971 336 948

Tienda en San Antonio:
C/ Bartolomé Vicente Ramón nº17
Tel.: 971 343 693
Cáritas siempre necesita y agradece la ayuda de nuestra sociedad mediante el voluntariado, donaciones, haciéndose socios o recibiendo apoyo económico a sus proyectos.