EDITION: October - December '08


Ibiza is known to be ruled by the powerful zodiac sign of Scorpio. You’ve probably heard people say “It’s a Scorpio island” or “It’s because of the Scorpio energy”. But what exactly does this mean?

An astrology congress held in San Antonio in 1978 came to the conclusion that Ibiza is ruled by the sign of Scorpio. Spain, for example, is ruled by Sagittarius; this was calculated by using the date of the country’s formation. But when the astrologers in San Antonio decreed that Ibiza is Scorpio, it was based more on the energies they felt here. The experience of Scorpio is deep and very personal. It is the sign of the esoteric and the occult. Scorpio energy is described as magical, mysterious, intense, seductive, regenerative, divine, emotionally sensitive and highly sexual.

Most notably Scorpio is about transformation. People are known to go through big changes when they come to Ibiza. Or they come here when they are at a pivotal point in their lives and the island can help them embrace transition. Ibiza has transformative powers that aid personal development – an ideal place for expressing your individuality and finding your mission in life. It is bathed in a magnetism that lends itself to healings and alternative treatments such as crystal healings, reiki, chakra balancing, yoga, meditation, numerology and Tarot. These techniques are ruled by Scorpio and the planet of Uranus.

Scorpio is a sign that works with polarities; love and hate, birth and death, attraction and repulsion, sex and sacrifice. These extremes imply that some people might be affected by mood swings between euphoria and depression. There are myths that suggest Ibiza either embraces you or repels you. Because the island is so magnetic people find it hard to leave but also just as hard to settle. Many people come to Ibiza, attracted by the easy way of life, the glamour and the beautiful people; but those who don’t face reality can be in danger of losing everything.

The island is well known for its hedonism and parties. Scorpio rules the night and the dark side, hence all the nightclubs, drugs and sex. It takes a strong character to survive here; the other side of the active social scene is the solitude, especially the winters can be very lonely. If you have Scorpio energy in your birth chart you will relate more to these themes and Ibiza can even help you experience a different level of consciousness and open the doors to other dimensions.

If we see death and birth as part of a cycle where something has to end before something new can begin, this explains the transformative powers of Scorpio. These experiences can often be destructive because of the intense, deep energy of this sign. But it is also a chance for a new beginning; losing oneself to find oneself, so to speak. In history, various peoples understood this about Ibiza. Many Carthaginians from the African metropolis of Carthage came here to confront their own death and be buried in the necropolis. They wanted to be buried on the island because it was believed Ibiza aided metamorphosis and spiritual resurrection.

Ibiza is also the land of life and creation. Protected by the enigmatic mother goddess Tanit – the serpent lady – it is a haven for artists and can stimulate artistic creativity. It’s the perfect place to celebrate life by dancing, singing and painting. A bath in the sea is always purifying but with the added magic of Scorpio energy it can be quite regenerative.

Text: Claudia Spahr

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