EDITION: August - October '08


Always fit and constantly prepared – the dictates of the modern day hardly leave room for weak moments. Thus people often work against their true needs which are governed by natural cycles: we need tension and relaxation, surrender and retreat, action and rest.

Oblivious to the tragedies of humans on the planet, the moon has run its cycle since the beginning of time, taking care of equilibrium and the rhythm of nature. The moon is the driving force of the Tides; the eternal game of low and hightide. Humans can also follow the moons motions – something that was more practiced in the old days. Centuries ago they observed that growth, fertility and health are greatly affected by the position of the moon. It is a very old wisdom that has been passed down in some families from generation to generation.

New moon

When the moon ceases to appear, even in a cloudless night sky, we speak of the 'new moon'. The moon appears completely dark because it is exactly between the sun and the earth.

The new moon is the ideal time to start getting rid of bad habits. These can be smoking or drinking, but also an undesired character trait like oversleeping or lateness.

Waxing moon

Shortly after this a shining crescent, which opens to the left, starts to appear in the night sky. This phase of the waxing moon is one in which people and nature can gather new strength. It is a time to breathe deeply, pause and forge new plans. The body can now recuperate well and gain strength. But it is also a time when you put on weight faster and healing procedures can take longer.

The waxing moon should be a time for rest and reflection. During the waxing moon juices rise again. This is the best time to sow plants that grow above the earth.

Full moon

The moon then wanders out of the earths shadow until it is completely opposite the sun. It shows itself in all its magnitude for a short time as the full moon, shining its magical light on the earth. This arouses strong feelings in every aspect. The desire for adventure and romance is awakened. Sensitive people become restless and nervous and can suffer from insomnia.

One says that it is unsuitable to perform medical operations (except emergencies) close to full moon.

Waning moon

The shining crescent approaches the earth again to be absorbed in its shadow. The crescent now opens to the right. From day to day it becomes narrower, until it completely disappears again as the new moon. This is when strength and energy can be best released; physical and mental peak performances become easier. It is the perfect time for losing weight, purifying and detoxing; also wounds heal faster.

If your agenda allows, vigorous everyday jobs like building and renovation work should be done when the moon is waning. This also applies to hobbies that need a lot of energy. Also spring cleaning and everything that has to do with cleaning and washing out is better accomplished during this time.

For gardening and farming the rhythm is the other way round: Mother Earth 'exhales' during the waning moon and is especially receptive; juices are directed to the roots. Root vegetables grow particularly well if sown during this time.

Medical operations should be performed preferably when the moon is waning. This also applies to the pulling of teeth, the replacement of fillings, bridges and crowns.

Experts advise us to organize life around the phases of the moon in order to live more harmoniously and stress-free.

Apart from the lunar phases other factors play a role, like for example astrology. It takes the moon 28 days to orbit the earth. During this time it goes through all the twelve signs of the zodiac, remaining two and a half days in each sign. This gives the impulses certain characteristics. Also the position of the moon during the year is important. Between the winter- and summer solstices the earth satellite rises. The first half of the year is shaped by growth and expansion. Between June and September it falls again and the energies are shaped by maturity and harvest.

Life according to the lunar calendar is a small philosophy in itself. Whoever wants to reap its full benefits, can consult books on the subject and lunar calendars.