EDITION: August - October '08


The fountain
of eternal youth

The valley of Buscastell, located over a large underground water vein, is about 4,5 kms long and is shaped by its irrigation system. An overground torrent which shares the same place name runs through it – even boasting a natural waterfall – and flows down to San Antonio Bay.

This water spring, known as Es Broll, is the most significant aquifer on the island, because it feeds an Andalusian water system, still working today, which was built by the Arab farmhouses of Benirroym and Benimaimó and the berber Banumaymun in the 13th century.

The system includes five water mills, which operate the irrigation, placed over a main channel so as to not interrupt the flow of the water. When building the system's channels, the placement of the aquifer and its slopes were taken into account in such a way that the water is distributed through branch channels that allow it to flow freely and abundantly. Also, tall stone walls were built along the sides of the torrent, to stop the earth from invading it. This whole system has worked perfectly throughout

the centuries, since until very recently no-one remembers the channels ever drying up.

To collect the water, deposits and small wells were used in each of the plots of land of the different landowners. The amount of water they had access to was proportional to the size of their plot.

It is said that the waters of the famous Broll fountain are the source of the superb and capricious nature in the area, and although they may not have the extraordinary properties that are attributed to them, it is certainly true that the surrounding landscape is magnificent, which its dense green cover all year round and its tapesty of thousand-colour flowers and aromatic bushes.

The beauty of this place is such that humans have settled here since long ago, as is confirmed by the diverse archaeological findings in this valley: burial grounds, Carthaginian remains, Arab ceramics... If it were not for these clues which show the passage of time, we could be forgiven for believing that we find ourselves before the legendary Fountain of Eternal Youth. The richness of the surrounding plants and animals, the silence and stillness that the air holds, broken only by the sounds of nature, provide such wellbeing that one cannot doubt its magical properties. Total calm requires no watches. The rythm is provided by nature, which offers opportunities in every corner to rediscover this landscape again and again, always enchanting. New details, sensations, feelings and rythms emerge and flow... The sunset on the horizon is a surprising gift, its golden light radiating its reflection over the flowing water.

It is truly a paradise that seems to hide a story, written in every stone. This ancient legacy makes Buscastell a spectacular place of generous nature where time seems to stand still.