EDITION: August - October '08


Eckard Heidrich
New exhibition at Atzaró
31/8/08 - 12/9/08

Great paintings, great creations of any kind have amongst their attributes the ability to evoke feeling whilst still somehow managing to leave space for personal interpretation. The paintings of Eckard Heidrich certainly fit that criteria and when I viewed the collection he is preparing for his forthcoming exhibition I could not help but be moved by the intensity of the images.

Eckard, a professional artist, has had a long and fine career. Aside from exhibiting in around 50 galleries throughout Europe, America and Israel, he has held positions of painter in residence at the University of California and professor of drawing at the American Academy of Art in Los Angeles. He has had a presence on Ibiza since 1979 and has held several exhibitions on the island.

Many visitors and residents will also be familiar with one of his most popular previous exhibitions in which each painting portrayed two images of women one historical and one modern. Captivating though these are, Eckard himself describes them as a relatively playful manifestation of his work. His latest collection is a little more serious and focuses on Ibiza itself. – Once again, he works with the powerful juxtaposition of past and present.

When asked what he intended to convey with his current paintings, he tentatively proffered that he would hope to enhance awareness of how we live and how we think and feel. But I venture… ’what if you were not just a humble artist, but God of Ibiza?’ The answer was rather nice, because actually what he would wish to do is in-spire people to become conscious of what they have – which seems pretty similar to the job he is already doing. Perhaps we really do have the potential to act as creators of our own universe!

Eckard’s early family environment was conducive to him developing a love for nature and gave him the encouragement and confidence to think for himself.

He passionately believes in good education and would wish for it to be possible for all to have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. He also believes that we each have to make sense of our own lives, to find our own values – though he is acutely aware of how difficult this can be in a fast changing society.

For me his paintings remind me of a past which was slower, more in harmony with the natural environment, but also one that was restricted by hardships and belief systems. Clearly we cannot transpose our values wholesale from the past – and yet, having already thrown many of them out, we are challenged with creating something sustainable.

Eckard hopes that we will find answers to many important questions over the coming years, and believes it is worth putting the energy in to reach ones goals, even when sometimes it looks like there are insurmountable obstacles. Although he left his home country of Germany many years ago and sees himself as a European citizen, he is quite happy to have inherited the quality of discipline from his Germanic upbringing-without this he says he would probably never even get out of bed in the morning… With it it seems he has been able to develop his talents over a period of many years and has emerged as an accomplished artist who is able to skilfully use his craft to convey a vast array of thoughts and ideas.

His latest exhibition of paintings can be seen at Atzaró from 31st August to 12th September.

For further information please contact:
Atzaró, Tel. 971 33 88 38