EDITION: August - October '08


Why meditate?
A great part of the chaos that lives within us and in the world around us comes from the lack of self-knowledge and self esteem inherent to man. We aren’t capable of finding peace and harmony because we have not learned to live in a happy and peaceful way within ourselves. This is also the reason why our search for happiness and satisfaction is focused mainly on external things.

We think that reaching our goals in life will lead to happiness and well being. Many of us have already proven to ourselves that certain achievements do not always satisfy us; for example, a big house, a new job, the hundredth shopping excursion or even a new love, these things usually loose their shine easily and turn into a routine.

It’s impossible to find lasting happiness and joy in external things. The secret to happiness lies within us: we’re just looking the wrong way.

The rhythm of modern life leaves us little time for introspection, for discovering who we are and finding out what lies behind all that intellectual activity that occupies great deal of our attention. Meditation is the way to self knowledge. It allows us to see our inside, as if through a window that was covered in dust, was cleaned.

Many years ago when asked the question, “What is the secret to Meditation?” a famous master of Buddhist meditation replied by writing the symbol of attention on a piece of paper. It’s about paying attention, not only to the spirit and mind of oneself, also to everything we are conscious of in every moment. The present moment is all we possess. Meditation helps us give ourselves into the actual moment and live it, like a precious gift. This state of consciousness, of here and now, leads to a deep feeling of being alive within oneself, and simultaneously being a part of everything.

Blend in with it, now!
A major part of our activities evolve around plans for “later”: later today, this week, this month or this year. We are so occupied with the future that we miss that moment we should be enjoying with all our vitality. If we manage to focus our attention on that moment we will truly be in touch with life, because life evolves here and now.

We loose this deep treasure of vital richness because we are trapped in unconscious thoughts; we live in the future or the past.

Focus your attention on the present; in what you hear, what you see, what you taste, what you feel… Now!

Dassana has been leading meditation courses in Ibiza, Holland and Germany.