EDITION: August - October '08


José Gutiérrez strongly believes that health is the most important thing in life. As a result of this, outdoor activities have become not only his career, but his passion and his inspiration. He is a qualified snowboard and surfing instructor and started running snowboard holidays and surfing camps from the tender age of 18. Now he is the main co-ordinator in Ibiza for many of the most exciting outdoor activities you can think of – and he also enthusiastically organises surf holidays to 125 different destinations.

So lets start with Ibiza… There are many, many interesting activities available on the island, but knowing who to call can make the difference between whether one actually does the activity or not. Many people are only here for a week or two at a time, so making an immediate connection with what is available becomes quite important. And even for those who live on the island, it’s good to know what is on offer, when, where, how and at what price without having to make twenty phone calls.
So having saved considerable effort in organising you could soon find yourself on the ocean waves: windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, kayaking, or even somewhere beneath them snorkelling or scuba diving… For those who fancy a little more excitement Jose also organises kite surfing and parasailing and if anyone would prefer to try something more land based there is the possibility of a jeep safari to some off the beaten track places. The cost of the activities can be much less than many people suppose.

Although Jose is involved in so many activities in Ibiza, his biggest personal passion is still for surfing. He feels that spending many hours in the water in this way has a purifying effect and that it balances him mentally and physically. He wishes he could surf in Ibiza, but even if he could, one suspects he would probably still sometimes be tempted further afield. He currently organises surf camps to many interesting locations including Morocco, Tahiti, Fiji and the Maldives. The holidays attract mainly 20-40 year olds but some are

aimed at kids and some are exclusively for women. Once again the cost can be incredibly low. The type of accommodation varies, from basic to more luxurious, and in some of the holidays, much of the time is spent out at sea, living, eating and sleeping on the boat which is also the surfing base.

Although Jose is very closely bound to Ibiza and thinks of it as home, he obviously has travelling in his bones: He was born in Madrid, moved to Marbella at a year old and then to Portugal at the age of six. He returned to Madrid for a couple of years at the age of twelve and then went off to high school in Florida. After such a start, one is either going to love or hate all this moving around – Clearly he loved it because after a spell in France he opted for university in Switzerland before spending time in Sierra Nevada, Portugal and the Canaries. He finally came to live in Ibiza 7 years ago where he has strong family ties, though he continues to travel, and continues to love it.

So whether you want him to help you have some fun on the island, or to get off it for a while Jose is probably someone worth talking to.

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