EDITION: June - August '08


Atlantis is another one of those Ibiza legends:
No one knows exactly what is true about the rumours but most agree the place has special energy. The landscape is extraordinary due to it being an ancient Phoenician quarry. Stone was cut away, transported by sea to Ibiza and used to build the fortress walls. Since then water has filled up the crevasses and small bathing pools have formed in the rocks close to the sea. There are piles of stones, numerous sculptures and mini-altars which people have added over the years. Laughing faces, dragons, cosmic symbols and ancient runes have been carved into the rocks.

Atlantis became something of an open-air temple for ritualistic cleansing when the hippies arrived. Tucked away on the islands magical south-east corner, near the colossal offshore rock Es Vedrá, locating Atlantis is an adventure. It doesn’t appear on any maps and isn’t signposted. The only ways to reach it are by boat or foot. If you choose the former option beware of the strong current, the waters around here are known to be treacherous and unpredictable. Also there is nowhere to moor your boat.


Despite all the myths about Ibiza’s Atlantis being enigmatic and powerful, it is unlikely that it is the location of the legendary lost ‘kingdom of Atlantis’, described by the Greek philosopher Platon. According to Platon Atlantis was larger than Asia and located beyond the Pillars of Hercules, implying it would have been in the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Mediterranean. The story goes that about 12 – 15.000 years ago Atlantis sank due to dramatic planetary events that shifted continents and covered most of earth with water. Caucasians are allegedly the ancestors of the Atlanteans because they wandered north and east as the ice age ended and the water levels rose. Keys to this highly advanced civilisation are found in Sumerian texts and the book of Genesis. The so-called ‘children of Poseidon’ are said to have made great achievements in architecture, engineering and administration. In their society women had the same rights as men. The Atlanteans allegedly discovered the mystic force that powers the universe and possessed far greater technology than we do today. They could for example control the weather and use time and space as an energy source. They constructed remarkable pyramids and used crystals to retain, direct and transfer energy. Legend has it that ‘Poseidon’s children’ communicated telepathically with dolphins and used positive thoughts and vibrations to enable the soul to reach its highest potential.

Atlantis continues to be one of Ibiza’s best kept (public) secrets and a location where you can find some peace, even on a busy August afternoon.