EDITION: December - February 2011

SALUTING THE SUN with Danielle Moro

Text: Jordi Canut Martín
After so many years of dedication, she is still certain that what she needs to do is to continue sharing what she has learnt, since teaching is for her another form of meditation. Danielle has just published “Surya-Namaskara - El Saludo al Sol”, a practical and concise manual that intends to humbly guide people who practice yoga through the 12 postures needed to salute the Sun. Above all, the breathing has to be respected, and since it is a very precise technique, postures must not be forced. For this experienced yogi, it is very important to be honest and warn about the dangers of practicing yoga in a non-rigorous way. “Surya-Namaskara” is her first book, but it may well be the beginning of a much more ambitious educational project into which Danielle can offer all her experience and life philosophy.