EDITION: June - August '08


06.08. - 10.08.2008

Sitting at a bar 17 years ago I had an idea: “I would like a mini ‘Daytona’ in Ibiza – the Ibiza Bike Week.”

Daytona is one of the largest biker gatherings in the world and takes place, as the name suggests, in Daytona, USA. This get-together is also the mother of all ‘Bike Weeks’.

The Ibiza Bike Week wasn’t meant to be unique but it has become so and seems to remain such; the myth of Ibiza, the climatic characteristics, the extraordinary people – who are not aggressive but like to party until sunrise. Whoever knows the Spani-ards, understands that they are kind and helpful. This has made matters much easier for me to launch the Ibiza Bike Week and keep it going for more than 17 years.

In the beginning we were just 10 bikers, partying on the beach and meeting in bars. But because every year more and more moped drivers came to the island for Ibiza Bike Week, the programme became more professional. We had up to 2000 visitors and put on concerts in the exhibition hall (Recinto Ferial) with legendary bands like ‘The Sweet’, etc... Traders displayed their sinfully expensive mopeds in the port and guests from all over Europe strolled along the promenade. We can’t really upgrade the event anymore now and it’s not my intention to make it a commercial biker gathering.

I wanted a mini ‘Daytona’ – so that’s why we’re going ‘back to the roots’, which doesn’t mean we’re expecting fewer visitors. We just want to express our origins and experience freedom; feel the closeness to nature in the evening with guitars round a camp fire.

This year Ibiza Bike Week takes place from 06.08 – 10.08.08. At the opening party in the bar ‘San Francisco’ by Maria on the road to Las Salinas the band ‘My Generation’ should get us in the right mood again. The following week is packed with a full programme. And we have something suitable for everyone, e.g. Burnouts, Bike Shows, Striptease, as well as the enormous fireworks, which is probably the biggest attraction for most.

Two sensationally beautiful island excursions will of course also take place. Thanks to the good organisation and help of the Ibicencan association ‘Corsarios MC’ these tours always happen without big accidents. One route takes us from Las Salinas via Santa Eulalia to San Antonio for sunset; the other goes from San Rafael to Cala Yondal and then to Las Salinas.

For most motorbike fans there is no better way to combine holidays with a bike week.
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