EDITION: April - June '08


Colours, outfits, elves, clowns, magicians, music... In October 2007 a group of young creative artists has opened the stage of the nightclub “Kancela” in Es Canar. What the “Open Stage” public finds there is pure joy of living. On these special nights everyone can let their creativity run loose and present their own number. You can also just come to relax to the harmonious melodies of the band “Moonbeach”, meet friends, chat and enjoy a diverse night.

Self-written songs, theatrical scenes, poetry recitals or hip-hop dancing – all this and more can fit into a Friday night. Professionals and amateurs are equally welcome. From 21h. the band “Moonbeach” kicks off the night; with the magic of a flute and some excellent rythms they transport us to a fantasy world led by Victorio, Yepi, Mario and singer Aiwu.

Eva, a young and beautiful fairy, salutes the crowd and invites them to the stage. Some artists are already backstage. There we will find intense action – people amongst costumes, make-up and last arrangements and details. The main room gradually fills up with people who have come to see, to listen, and to dance. It’s a real Ibiza feeling: a warm and friendly atmosphere, there is magic in the air.

I remember one of the last “Open Stage” nights which left me with a profound and special feeling. When the attractive musical opening by the band was over, the first act came on stage. Radi told a story of aborigines, then he made us fly over the vast Australian deserts, playing the didgeridoo with his partner Fedor. Then a spontaneous dancer from the public joined in and improvised an accompanying dance.

A bright star in the sky of that night was Alicia with her dance-theatre offering “Circle of Love”, staged by herself. She took us on a voyage – with plenty of emotion and fresh-ness. We went through the life and love of a woman who, hit by the blows of destiny, keeps getting up and facing life. With humour and self-assurance she continues dancing her own path. An impressive artistic expression. Lukas, spectator and dancer, gave his opinion after the show: “She had my full attention every moment, she fascinated me.” And the African drums began the interlude.

“ We live in the forest between the trees and the sun, we love the earth, roses and clover!”, said four happy little elves in the next number. They presented us with a way to wash dishes with white ash – completely antibacterial! Environ-mental information for saving water presented in a fun and endearing way.

The programme continued and Aiwu appeared with a spiritual make-over, with her character the “chakrologist”. With a strident look, all dressed in green, she talked about the “Heart Chakra”. Inviting the crowd to breathe towards the heart, she delighted us with her clowning talents.

At the end the band elevated our bodies and rounded off the night.

Long live creativity and shared adventures! Many thanks to all who take part in this project and to those who organise it: Yepi, Eva, Aiwu, Diego and Ema.

¡OPEN STAGE! Every Friday from 21h at Kancela club, in the village of Es Canar, opposite de bus station. An initiative by artist association INSPIRAL.
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