EDITION: December '07 - Ferbuary '08


As many families on the island will remember, Greenheart’s team of educators has carried out a few educational campaigns in Ibiza and Formentera (“Días de Alegría” – Happy Days – in Summer ‘05, “Navidad con Corazón” – Xmas with a Heart – in Winter ’05 and “Huellas” – Footprints – in Spring ’06), with the support of the Consell Insular, the Balearic Government and various Councils of the Pitiusas, and with the wonderful cooperation of artistic duo Ola Kalá.

Since the beginning of 2006, school groups and also special needs groups have visited the eco-centre La Casita Verde, to great success every time. Situated in a beautiful valley of Benimussa in Ibiza, La Casita Verde (the Little Green House) is a model ecological centre that is operated by volunteers and open to the public on Sundays. At the centre people can see in a direct and amusing form that a more sustainable way of life is within reach of every one of us. It is an ideal place for the island schoolchildren to advance in the practice of becoming Guardians of the Planet, a task that should become one of our aims, especially with global warming now a reality accepted by all, and which affects us all alike.

However, the cost of these visits has had to be met by the schools and visiting groups themselves, making it impossible for many schools to enjoy this activity. Since the evolution of our global environment affects us all, Greenheart would like to offer free visits to all the schools interested.

For this, a joint commitment was obtained between the Foundation for the Future and the Environmental Department of the Consell Insular, to cover all the needs of a pilot project which has taken place during October and November of this year, covering a total of ten visits from various schools who wished to participate in this initiative. A fundraising dinner party was also organised to raise funds to improve the educational offer of the centre, including some very up-to-date educational books, and some beautiful photos which show the beauty and simplicity of the elements that make up our planet. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have helped so far!

During the visits, the kids have been shown a conscious collection and use of water; renewable energy sources such as solar and wind; why and how to moderate our energy consumption; cultivating and using medicinal plants like aloe vera; the process of transforming organic waste into a rich compost… All of this from the point of view of Nature’s cycles, our intervention in them (often abusive and destructive), and how we can repair these cycles and become a positive cell within this huge organism we live in, our Mother Earth.

The idea of the coming months is that from January we offer two or more visits a week. For this campaign we will have the assistance of a specialist who will design educational materials to the schools, for them to continue working on these informations in the classroom.

We gratefully accept suggestions, expressions of interest from other schools, and also donations or help from environmentally-minded philanthropists to continue this ambitious project that hopes to help young Guardians of the Planet to develop the conscience and tools necessary to create a better world for themselves and those who come next!

To see photos and more information about each visit, or to contact the team, visit the area of Projects/Kids Projects of the Greenheart website: www.greenheart.info