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EDITION: December '07 - Ferbuary '08


Nano Calvo


With the dazzling presence of beautiful Italian model Elisabeth Gregoraci, the latest edition of the popular fashion show Adlib was presented in Ibiza and Formentera on 19th and 20th of October before an audience captivated by a succession of feminine bodies draped with designs of fifteen of the island's fashion artists.

On this occasion the discotheque Pacha was responsible for hosting the event in an appropriate setting for the contemplation of svelte models that showed off the creations of Tony Bonet, Arizona, Kathia Alves o Mónica Benet among others, where about 1.000 people and more than 100 members of the press attended for what some described as the least Adlib show of recent years.

When the attention wasn’t focused on the delightful fiancé of the Formula 1 magnate, the public could contemplate a wide variety of fashions which included hand painted items, lace adorned with flowers, fabrics treated with an oriental style and even black and silver overalls which were surprising by way of their departure from their origin.

And, as if it could have been any other way when involving the tender younger members, it was designer “De los Angeles”, with his childrens clothing line, which brought sincere smiles to the faces of those present with their spontaneous reaction to the smallest models of different ages, origins and conditions.