EDITION: October - December '07



Once upon a time there was a little boy growing up in Israel. It was his big dream to get a motorbike but his parents were too poor to afford it. He carried on dreaming. Then the boy became a man and in his mid-twenties left to discover the world. He sold posters on the streets of Europe and began making money. One day he had enough saved to buy a bike. He bought a shiny black and red one because he liked it. He didn’t even have a licence to drive it. A few months later a neighbour saw him driving this new bike in industry terrain that was closed for the weekend. The neighbour spotted his talent and invited him to road race. Less than six months later Momy Shlomo Bahalul was winning his first racing trophies.

Momy is a humble sort of guy, he says that competing is more important than winning and that a trophy only represents the fun had that day. He competed as a Dutch rider in Super Sport 600 and Super Bike 750 races and became the first ever Israeli to road race outside of Israel. Despite invitations to devote his life to racing, Momy – being someone who appreciates his freedom – wanted to stay flexible. He was also importing jewelry from Asia, so this meant he spent his summers racing bikes and his winters buying merchandise in Thailand and India.

About 10 years ago Momy got a call from a friend in Ibiza, urging him to take over his house. The friend persisted for 4 months until finally Momy left Amsterdam on a winter’s day and came to Ibiza. He fell in love with the island immediately and he’s been here ever since. Ibiza is where he discovered the joy of off-road biking, also called ‚Enduro‘. Momy had previously worked as a racing instructor – he has an "Advanced Rider Training Licence" – and so about 18 months ago he decided to set up a company to instruct bike riding in Ibiza. He is keen to point out that they always respect the countryside and the locals.

The rides go to beautiful undiscovered areas of the island. You can fill up a week’s riding without even coming close to a house in the north of the island alone. Momy claims biking is his meditation and that he’s never had anyone come on a ride that was too wild or dangerous.

Today he has 10-12 bikes, all kept in top condition by his friend Ben, who used to be the mechanic of Heinz Kinigadner (of Paris-Dakar fame). A lesson of 3-4 hours costs around 150 € including protection gear and petrol.

Momy says the brain behind his company is his wife, Amanda, who is an artist and also the mother of his two young sons. He first met her in Portugal at a party and then bumped into her again on the beach in Benirras and never separated since that day. Recently they have also started offering advanced training on trips to Morocco and the Sahara.



Momy Shlomo Bahalul
Tel.: 679 277 788