EDITION: October - December '07


Global Warming has begun to affect all of us. Whether it be noticing changes in the temperature, witnessing an increase in natural disasters or knowing people who have fallen victim to such disasters, it is clear that the damage we have caused in our environment is now coming back to haunt us. It is time to change our bad habits and care about the ecology.

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Low-Energy Lighting

Low energy light bulbs are sold by the wattage, in much the same way as normal bulbs. However because they use a lot less energy, a lower wattage bulb will be needed to give out the same amount of light. Low energy light bulbs save money because they use less electricity.

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Recycle printing cartridges

Ink cartridges contain toxic and dangerous substances which contaminate the environment. Recycling the cartridges signify a contribution to the fight against pollution.
A recycled cartridge costs between 20 and 50 % less than an original and is guaranteed for high quality impression.

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Laundry detergent pollutes the environment. Help the earth and clean your clothing with internationally accepted, all natural Soapnuts.

Clean… fresh… economical… and environmentally friendly!!!

Now you decide!

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Reducing water consumption reduces contamination and increases our clean water reserves. Save up to 75 % of your water consumption with Watersavers.
Save money by saving water!

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