EDITION: October - December '07


Ibiza is an island where people from many countries, as well as the locals, come and go. Such intense circulation of people implies a huge number of things also circulating, many of which go to the rubbish after a very short time of use: hotels change whole floors of fittings at once; people move house leaving their furniture and appliances behind, while the next tenants bring their own or simply want to ‘change the decor’.

Other times something breaks down or is damaged, and we simply don’t have the skills or the time to fix it. One person’s rubbish, however, is another one’s treasure! Giving an unwanted item a new life is a great way of helping the environment, by cutting down on the energy required to make new things – and it can save you a great deal of money!

After the season and with so many people leaving the island, this is an excellent time of year to skip-hunt. On Friday nights bulky garbage such as furniture and electrical goods is left out for the binmen: a great moment to look around!

You will be surprised at the things people throw away. Beware of sharp items and broken glass, and don’t take things you won’t be using – someone else may need them more than you.

If, on the other hand, you want to get rid of things you are no longer using, that are old or slightly damaged but in a reasonably good state, give them another chance before adding them to the landfill: call Deixalles on 971 191 118. They will come and pick up even very large items directly from your home free of charge.

Fundació Deixalles is an NGO whose aim is the reintegration into society and into the work market of the underprivileged, through the management of bulky waste: they recover and fix up all kinds of furniture and electrical goods, while training their workers in valuable skills such as carpentry and electrical repairs. Next door to their workshop in the Montecristo industrial estate (a few miles out of Ibiza Town on the new road to San Antonio) is the expo hall, where you can acquire the items they fix in exchange for a donation: from sofas, chairs, tables and beds for around 20€, to fridges, washing machines and stereos for around 60€ (electrical appliances have a one-week trial period).

During 2006, this very successful scheme of great social as well as environmental value managed 120 tonnes of waste, of which 82% was reused or recycled.
In a world of consumer culture, which is fast using up the planet’s valuable resources, it is each and everyone’s responsibility to make the most of what we have. It makes sense not only economically but also ecologically!.


Pol. Industrial Montecristo

Tel.: 971 191 118

Lunes-Viernes: 8h - 15h
Lunes-Jueves: 16h - 19h
Sábados: 10h - 14h

Text: Ana Digón · Greenheart