EDITION: August - October '07


Security concerns a growing number of people every day; as head of security, what recommendations can you make about this subject, to the people of Ibiza?
In the first place, gather information, and depending on it, adopt measures according to your security needs

The fact is, Ibiza is an island and the thieves have less escape options. Do you think it is different here than on the mainland?
It is difficult to know the exact causes, put yes, one can say it is more peaceful here.

Sometimes we hear on T.V. that thieves have entered an establishment even with the alarm connected; is there anything additional that can be done to prevent this?
Presently there are technical solutions to avoid being surprised. Security systems must be kept up to date.

What can happen in a breaking and entering situation when the thief is attacked in defense of our property and family?
Whenever one acts under the pretense of legitimate defense, there is not a problem, but it is not recommended and in addition, it is very dangerous. It is better to prevent.

Security systems; are they the same for an industrial situation as for a private one?
No, every case requires study of particular needs and then measures to be taken are proposed.

Could you describe for us different security systems and how they would be used?
Basically I would emphasize two: inside and outside ones. The last ones are more efficient, and they allow us to detect an intrusion with better warning, and with security, it is vital to act in accordance with the time factor.

Is it all the same living in the city or the country when choosing an adequate security system?
No, as the requirements give us the use and the type of construction as well as the geographical situation, so, as I said earlier, each case needs individualized study.

Do you recommend to one that evidently can afford it, the installation of an armored room or a “panic” room?
I think in Ibiza this would be an exaggeration. In the majority of cases, security measures should be in proportion to the threat.

Is it important to be connected to an alarm reception center or simply installing an alarm is sufficient?
Of course, connected, it is necessary that there be as rapid response as possible to respond to an alarm.

It is always said that when away from home some days, a series of precautions should be taken, could you remind us of them?
Close well all accesses to the home, Have our mail picked up, do not leave evidence of our absence, (leave a light on, etc.) connect our alarm and inform our hired alarm center of our absence.

Does total security exist?
No, but we must take a series of self-protection measures, without exaggerating or changing our lifestyle. We can only suppose the risk, meaning, assuming that there is a threat of being robbed, securing it for that possibility, and minimize the risk by installing a security system to protect us.