EDITION: December - February 2011


Text: Helen Howard
She is in the process of preparing a dvd offering suggestions on how we can live together more harmoniously, by removing some of the obstacles. “When we are able to transform our negative thoughts, there is love, it’s there underneath.” Her work generally involves a focus on healing, in whatever way is possible and appropriate to the client. She believes in taking people beyond their existing perspectives – so that their thoughts and actions are not bound by learnt beliefs, but are governed by authentic experience. She used to run regular psychic development groups, but stopped doing them when she realized that many people put her on a pedestal. She believes that people need to find their own sense of empowerment and the work she does is intended to assist this rather than detract from it. Basically, although Jeanette believes that people may benefit from her visions and insights, she also believes that “people need to do their own work” – it is not a case of just telling people how things are, but instead helping them to establish what they want and what they are prepared to do to achieve it. This differs dramatically from what many people regard as the predeterministic approach of many psychics. But then, if more psychics worked in this way, helping people to find their power, rather than making fatalistic predictions, probably people would be less afraid of what they might encounter. One of Jeanette’s favorite sayings is: “When you give your light, darkness cannot enter.”