EDITION: October - December 2010


Text: Jerry Brownstein
The world is awakening to a new level of consciousness as people from every corner of the globe are becoming increasingly aware of their connection to something greater than themselves. Yoga centers are appearing in every community; alternative healing is accepted and practiced by millions; books about meditation and spiritual growth are bestsellers. More and more of us are feeling that the rhythm of the world we have inherited is not in harmony with the song that plays in our hearts. Something deep within our essence keeps saying, “there must be a better way”, and we are compelled to search for alternatives to the norm. As this awareness emerges within individuals they begin to make conscious choices in their daily lives – choices which reflect their highest values. Instinctively they gravitate toward others who are evolving in the same direction and this creates a dynamic source of energy with the potential for transformative change.    
There is a wonderful analogy in Nature for this type of transformation: the metamorphosis of the humble caterpillar into a glorious butterfly. In the last weeks of its life a caterpillar ravenously consumes many times its body weight making it so bloated that it can no longer move. At this point all it can do is hang upside down from the nearest branch where it gradually encases itself in a shell called a chrysalis. Inside of this dark cocoon the caterpillar starts to decompose but then something extraordinary happens. Amid the chaos of the caterpillar’s decaying body a completely new type of cell emerges seemingly out of nowhere. Biologists call them Imaginal Cells because they carry within them the information and imagination to create something entirely different. These new cells are completely foreign to the caterpillar’s immune system so it sees them as enemies and immediately begins to attack them. The battle rages on, but the imaginal cells are persistent and for each one that is destroyed thousands more arise to take its place. Soon the caterpillar’s immune system is overwhelmed, and as its body continues to break down these miraculous imaginal cells cluster together to orchestrate the creation of an entirely new organism – the graceful and beautiful butterfly.

Those of us who want to live in a world that reflects our highest ideals are the imaginal cells of society because we have the imagination to see ourselves as something other than what our culture and conditioning have programmed us to be. By using that awareness to consciously bring our thoughts and deeds into alignment with our true inner wisdom we become an inspiration for others to follow the same path. This is the evolution of consciousness that we see unfolding all around us, but can it grow strong enough to bring meaningful change to the world? The answer to that question just might be found in the enormous power of human intention.

Throughout the ages mystics and sages have spoken of a “one-ness” that links us to everything in the universe. Modern science has now proven that there is in fact such a field of connection and that it is strongly affected by our thoughts and emotions. Proof of this comes from satellite measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field which always stay within a specific range except when there are events that attract intense human attention. On September 11, 2001, the magnetic field of the planet Earth spiked way above the normal range and stayed unstable for days (See chart on this page). Similar readings have occurred at the time of other events that galvanized human emotional attention. Why is this important? Because from quantum physics we know that our entire physical world is held together by electromagnetic energy and that same energy connects all of us to each other through the field. This data and similar studies suggest that by concentrating our attention we can have a profound transformative effect on all of humanity and on the world around us.

The challenge that we face is learning how to harness this incredible power of attention by focusing it through our intention for positive change. The good news is that the equipment we need to accomplish this task is very close at hand. The strongest transmitter that you have for projecting your intentions into the world is not your brain – it is your heart – because the electromagnetic field of the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of the brain. But it gets even better. Recent studies have proven that when we are feeliang heart-based emotions like love, compassion, gratitude and kindness we create coherence between the heart and brain which increases the power of our intention/attention exponentially. This means that a relatively small number of people projecting these love-based emotions can have an enormous effect on the field that connects all people and which underlies our entire physical reality.

Just as the imaginal cells clustered together to create beauty from decay, so too can we create a community of awakened souls with the potential to transform the world. It all starts by choosing to live consciously so that our lives become a reflection of the feelings that emanate from our hearts. In so doing our positive intention is focused like a laser to send a powerful message that is mirrored and magnified in the very fabric of the universe. •