EDITION: October - December 2021

Toward a Four Day Work Week

In recent decades globalization, automation, digitization and outsourcing have drastically changed the nature of work. Yet we still cling to a schedule for workers that was designed tofit the way the economy was a century ago. It may finally [...] Read More

Real Estate Taxation Values to change in 2022

On July 10, 2021, Law 11/2021 on Measures to Prevent and Combat Tax Fraud (Ley de Medidas de Prevención y Lucha contra el Fraude Fiscal) was published in the Official Gazette. It includes a number of important changes in the area of wealth tax, real estate transfer tax and inheritance [...] Read More

Staying Warm and Cosy in Winter

It’s the end of another long hot summer, and while the weather is a bit cooler, there are still many warm and sunny days to come. This is a wonderful season to continue enjoying the outdoor areas of our homes for meals and relaxation, but in the coming months the weather will [...] Read More

Restore your Body and Mind

Many of the expats who have come to Ibiza over the years have interesting stories about what led them to this special island. In most cases they were attracted to the energy of freedom that called them to change their life. They were inspired to come [...] Read More

Ibiza’s Healing Herbs

One of the ways in which our culture can evolve to a more sustainable way of living is by rediscovering how to use the immense health and healing powers of natural plants and herbs. Our ancestors had passed this knowledge on from generation to generation for hundreds of years, but during [...] Read More

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